Friday, January 08, 2016

Free Pattern Friday: Swiss Cheese Scarf

I've starting knitting a lot more scarves.  They're very fashionable, while still being warm, although when you've done 70 inches of the same pattern, it can be a slog at the end.

This pattern had enough variety to keep things interesting.  It's a riff on Winnie Shih's Swiss Cheese Scarf.  I used half the number of stitches in the pattern.

CO 48

Row 1-6: Knit
Row 7: k3, (BO 6, k6) 3 times; BO 6, k3
Row 8: k3 (CO 6, k6) 3 times; CO6, k3
Rows 9-14: Knit
Row 15: BO 3, k6, (BO 6, k6) 3 times, k3
Row 16: BO3, k6  (CO 6, k6) 3 times, CO 3
Row 17: K to the end, CO 3

Repeat Rows 2-17 until desired length.  Bind off all stitches.

My scarf was knit with one skein of sport weight wool on #7 needles.  I used almost all of the 370 yard skein.


margaret said...

this is very no=ice how I wish my fingers would let me knit mind you with all the stitching I do I have not much time free!Have made a note of instructions as I have a friend who I know will want to knit this

Judy S. said...

Looks like fun!

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