Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Pink Vest

I'm loving this vest I recently finished.  It's from a free pattern, Hiker's Waistcoat.  The pattern isn't well written, so it requires some adaptation and decision-making on the part of the knitter.

I only did minimal shaping compared to what the pattern dictates, but I don't like my clothes to be overly fitted.  This version is very wearable.

The yarn I used was reclaimed from a thrift store wool Gap sweater, so it was an extra-thrifty project.  I like this polka dot ribbon I found to reinforce the button bands.   I think I needed some Spring color to wear, especially since we're getting another wave of rainy storms.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Yes, I Knit the Dog a Sweater

We had such a cold winter that I decided to knit our Mimi a sweater.  It actually came in handy for those early-morning walks when the temperatures were in the 30s.  I used this pattern and some aran weight acrylic yarn, so it's machine washable. 

Since Mimi is a largish dog, it was like knitting a sweater for a five year old child, but this is what you do for love.  

Tuesday, February 02, 2016


I'm crazy for chevrons, and I've been knitting a couple of different versions knitting the free ZickZack Scarf pattern .  It's one of my favorite kinds of scarf patterns: a simple 1-row repeat, and a great palette for color play.

I'm knitting the first version from two contrasting balls of self-striping sock yarn.  I love the colors and textures and want to keep knitting just to see how the colors are going to line up next.

But I'm having even more fun knitting a narrower scarf from my stash of self-striping sock yarn leftovers.  I have a pretty good supply of these small balls, and I culled colors in the blue-orange-brown range, and I'm about to throw in a bit of purple for good measure.

I'm alternating the organge-brown yarns with the blues and purples, and enjoying the visual treat.

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