Saturday, May 07, 2011

Mother's Day Aprons

I've had the idea for awhile to use some of my vintage linens and fabrics to make aprons, and Mother's Day provided me with the inspiration to make one for my mom and one for my sister.  These were quick projects that went into the mail the other day, and hopefully they'll arrive on time.

My mom and sister actually wear aprons when they cook, so this is a functional gift.  I usually only wear an apron when I'm going to be cooking for a holiday, when I plan to be in the kitchen for a long time involved in a big cooking production.  But lately I've been wearing a couple of aprons the kids made in middle school home ec., and I think I may make myself a new apron too and expand my choices.

The fabric for this first apron is probably from the 70s.  It reminds me of a Marimekko print--remember those?  It has that bold graphic and bright colors.  This fabric was a tablecloth someone had roughly hemmed, and making the apron allowed me to cut around a couple of stains and the ugly hem.  The pattern is one a I copied from an apron that belonged to my grandmother.  That poor apron is threadbare, but I outlined each piece onto waxed paper and I've used it as a pattern.  Even the bias tape is vintage.  The pink tape came in a package with a 15 cent price printed on it.  I've noticed that some vintage aprons mix and match the bias tape colors, so I did that here too.

The my sister's apron is made from a commercial pattern, the Sassy Plus Size Apron Pattern, which runs from sizes 14/16 to 26/28, which allows for a generous apron that covers more than just the front of your clothes.  The paisley fabric is new, but the flounce and pocket were cut from a pillowcase.  These aprons can easily be made from odds and ends, I used a third fabric for the ties and neck straps.

I've got a big stack of fabrics piled up to make a few more aprons.  This is a very satisfying project.  I may have to join the campaign to bring the apron back into widespread use so there will be a reason for all this sewing.

Happy Mother's Day to all!

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