Sunday, February 22, 2009

More Baby Quilts

This quilt took a bit more time than I thought it would, but it's finally done. I love making 4-patch blocks, but since I used 2.5" strips, it took a lot of them to fill these rows. The fabric on the ends is vintage, and it was fun to use up these last pieces in this little quilt. I basically pulled anything from my stash in coordinating shades of green and yellow.

I used up more of that green gingham ruffle.

I pulled this remnant from my stash for the next baby quilt. It reminds me of a Vera print. I'm crazy for Vera, the 70s fabric designer.

I cut the blue floral print into 6.5" blocks, and made big 4-patch blocks in (sort of) coordinating colors to alternate. This one went together fast. I just have to sew the blocks together now.

These quilts will be going to Debra for her charity quilt project. She just posted pictures of a large floral print that she wants to use to back and border 10 quilts for the clients of a women's shelter. I've also posted a picture of some blocks I'd like to use for these quilts, if someone want to collaborate with alternate blocks. Check out the Quilt Studio site for pictures and details.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

(Not) Knitting at the Movies

There was no romantic Valentine's Day for me: Michael is in Austin visiting his daughter, so Allie and I went to the movies to see Coraline. Alex wouldn't go. Since the movie is named for a girl, it didn't seem promising to him, but Allie and I thought the movie was terrific.

We went to a nearby town to see it in 3-D, which I highly recommend. It's a visual treat, and the main story elements: a big old house, cloth dolls, buttons, and a black cat, are right up my alley. I took my movie knitting with me: my second Tasha Tudor shawl, which I'm making for my mom, but I was so entranced, I didn't even take it out of my bag.

There were a lot of children in the audience, but I would hesitate to take a very young child (say younger than 7) because the the story has some very psychologically creepy elements. Go see the movie (in 3-D) then tell me if you love it too.

There is even a pattern on the web for Coraline's sweater. Yes, the movie inspires that kind of obsession.

Here's the second Tasha Tudor shawl, which I'm making with vintage wool from my aunt's stash, just like Tasha #1. Tasha #2 is a very pale yellow, and I'm loving the color.

I went to my local yarn and fabric shop looking for a shawl pin for Tasha #1, which I finished for my aunt, and they kindly pointed me to this very economical alternative.

Remember kilt pins? They make perfect (and cheap) shawl pins. Someone crafty would fancy them up with beads and other danglies, but I like them plain and utilitarian for this shawl. They would also be handy for all those button less sweaters that are so stylish right now.

Here's my aunt's finished shawl ready to go into the mail. I'm starting to think about a multi-colored Tasha for myself.

Sunday, February 08, 2009


So many foods are better the next day. Soups and stews are usually better the second day, and of course there's nothing like leftover pizza for breakfast. Leftovers from quilt projects are little treats too. This baby quilt was made from some of the leftovers from my Shirts and Sheets quilt. I'm sending it to Debra for her charity project.
The borders are cut from a re-purposed ruffle that must've come from some gigantic gingham curtains. I put a dent in this long strip, and still have a big piece left over.

This baby quilt was made from the leftovers of the blue and yellow quilt I'm also sending Debra. The Chinese Coins pattern was easy to put together and I used up almost all of the leftover fabric.

I also finished a Tasha Tudor shawl. I'm sending it to my Auntie Nena, who gave me her yarn stash. I got Allie to model it for me. "Old lady shawl?" she asked. Of course she totally rocked it and made it look cool.
The body of the shawl is knit from some of the vintage wool my aunt gave me, and the lace trim is knit from yarn from my stash. It's a fun mindless knit: it's all garter stitch, and the lace pattern is easy to memorize. I love this pattern so much I've started another one.
Of course the other thing about leftovers is that using them up requires vigilance and determination. I've pulled these fabrics for another baby quilt.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Short Attention Span

I was distracted from my Wheel of Fortune quilt by all the fun Debra's having improvising quilts for donation to homeless teens, and now for the babies of teen parents. I dug through my flannel scraps and put together this small quilt to send her, either for a baby, or perhaps as the center for a larger quilt for a boy. That's bad Louie posing on the quilt. If I put a quilt on the floor, a cat will come sit on it. "Thanks for the great rug," they say.

Then I looked around to see what I could whip up next really fast. My neighbor had given me these pillow shams, saying, "maybe you can do something with these." They are those mass-produced Chinese hand quilted linens, and I saved them because I like the stars and the colors. I sashed them and sewed them together, and then I realized I have lots of yellow and blues that would go with them.

I've had these blue and white patches in my stash forEVER. I had forgotten all about them and was thrilled when I found them in the drawer. The yellows came to me in a swap from Debra. What goes around comes around, right?

I even had a border fabric in the perfect yellow. The finished quilt is about 60 x 80 and this one will go to Debra too. I hope it's not too light-colored or girly.

I went though the trunk where I store some of my finished quilts and I found this baby quilt I'd made awhile ago.

It's reversible. Here's the other side. This will go to Debra too.

My thrift store deal of the week is this 2.5 yard cut of seersucker for $2.00. Talk about cheap thrills: I love these colors. I've got to get the Wheel of Fortune done so I can use the design wall and keep the quilts off the floor and the cat hair to a minimum.

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