Monday, December 24, 2012

The Worker Bee's Christimas Knitting

Even a worker bee like me needs to do a bit of Christmas knitting.  This year I made a bunch of fingerless mitts using Sue Brady's Basic Fingerless Mitt pattern. This pattern makes a very stretchy glove and I found that I could use any weight of yarn between sport and worsted. 

A lot of these gloves were made with fingering weight sock yarn held double.  I knit with strands from both the outside and inside of the skein at the same time, which looked especially nice in the self-striping yarns.  

I found these nice tags in a a stationary store, and the stamp from the dollar bin at Michael's.

I used up a lovely sport weight alpaca for the gloves on the left, and some lambswool on the right.  The pattern for the grey glove is Cheryl Niamath's Fetching.

They had these cool glove blockers in the dollar bin at Target.

In between the knitting and the rain, the cats and I have enjoyed a few moments in the sun.  Merry Christmas to you and yours, and may you have warm hands in 2013.

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