Thursday, January 07, 2016

Scarf Weaving on the Rigid Heddle Loom

One of the things I wanted to do over my vacation was to weave.  So I made up these two scarves on my Cricket loom.

 This purple scarf was a scrappy project.  I warped the loom with leftover Lion Homespun and eyelash yarn, and I wove the weft with some thrift-store sourced chenille.  The texture is very soft and fluffy.

This second scarf was made with one skein of Lion Homespun.  I've blogged about weaving with this yarn before.  It's very splitty and unravels if you look at it sideways, so it's a bear to knit or crochet with, but it's wonderful for weaving.  Just make sure to knot and/or apply fray check to any cut ends.

And because I have a lot of small WIPs, I made two more Japanese Knot Bags from the free on-line BHG pattern.  It's been fun using some of my more playful prints.

The three bags fit nicely in a basket and I can grab one and go when I need a bit of knitting meditation.


margaret said...

yhe weaving has worked beautifully on the scarves. Bags look very handy for work in hand too

Renee said...

this blog is very inspirational. please continue to post things, i've started an afghan because of you! and considering buying a loom too. just wanted you to know.

also, i think that i like to *write things* to "think them out loud" and so i know exactly what you mean by the blog title.