Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Travelogue: Nice

 We spent a relaxing weekend in Nice. We had breakfast one morning on the Mediterranean.

The town is full of old buildings painted in pastel colors.  That's Michael in the yellow shirt in the foreground.

The flower and produce market was very photogenic.

I'd never seen tomatoes quite like these.  There was also cheese, soap, spices...

...and many flavors of sugar.

This bouquet of garlic almost looks like a bunch a flowers.

I spent a lot of time scanning buildings for interesting details.

We attended a concert in Notre Dame Cathedral.

 Our big excursion in Nice was to the Chagall Museum, in which he installed, before his death, a series of paintings based on Old Testament stories.  It was a moving experience, and I didn't take any pictures there, as I didn't want any filter between me and the works.  So many things defy photography.


Rian said...

Great photos! Don't you just love the photographic opportunities at the market stalls! I have never seen so many flavors of sugar! Looks like you had great weather, too.

Debra Dixon said...

While all the photos are great, the building with the black lines looks like excellent inspiration for a quilt!

Susan Elliott said...

Wow. It's so inspiring when you go away!

Thanks for sharing the pictures. I feel like I was there a bit...loved the pics from the market and the flavored sugars! All was so beautiful. I know what you mean about some experiences defying photography.

Looks like you had a wonderful trip.

Magpie Sue said...

Wow. That cathedral must be spectacular in person. And thanks for all the other eye candy - the flowers and the colors and the detail shots. I may have to bookmark this post for future reference!

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