Sunday, April 29, 2007

Cats and Quilts

I've finished the top of my third QOV. Vicki is quilting the first two, and did a fabulous job. You can see the photos on her blog

This quilt is made from Hawaiian fabric donated by Debra and from fabrics from my stash. The pattern is yet another one from Evelyn Sloppy's book Sew One and You're Done. I think I've made four of these quilts now, and there's still at least one more I want to make. It's amazing that I had the exact colors in my stash to go with the focus fabric. When I saw it, I thought I would have to go out and look for the right red to coordinate, but low and behold, I had a large piece of the perfect shade. I've pieced the back of this quilt from the remaining blue fabric, and I'm going to take a deep breath and quilt this one myself. This isn't my favorite part of the process, but I've done it a number of time before.
Louie is again the subject of the cat portion of this post. Recently in a fit of nostalgia I took out some of the kids' dolls from storage and installed them on chairs in the living room. Louie has decided that if he needs a lap, they will do just fine.
Aren't cats experts at getting comfortable and taking it easy? Now that you've seen such a good example, I hope you find a moment to curl up and take a rest.


Anonymous said...

What a fun and happy quilt! It will make a great QOV.

Debra Dixon said...

The more of these quilts I see, the more I think I need that book too! This top turned out very cool! Thanks for taking my orphan fabric and making it something worthwhile!

Rian said...

Me too. I think that book is a must! Cute kittie.

allie aller said...

The book is a winner and we all must buy it. Great quilt yet again, Barbara!
Don't those "fits of nostalgia" come at the oddest times? Every few days my older brother is emailing we siblings songs we grew up to in the late 1950's...the Chordettes, Elvis, and many more obscure tunes...they stir up such ANCIENT memories!

allie aller said...

oh've been tagged for the 7 things About Me meme...check out my blog to see...hope you have time for this!

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