Sunday, September 08, 2013

Sewing Baskets

One of my favorite possessions is this vintage sewing basket.  My sister bought it for me when I was in high school at a Christmas rummage sale at my school.  It's a very sweet memory.  At the same sale my brother bought me an enamel pin with tiny pearls that I still have and love.

I occasionally see these baskets in antique stores.  I've seen them in aqua too, but they a distinctive motif on the wooden lids, and they have matching cord for handles. (I didn't notice until I was writing this post, but there's a cat tail peeking out of the right side of this picture)

I keep my embroidery thread in mine, sorted by color in plastic bags.  It's a little crowded in there. 

I recently bought this larger sewing basket at a rummage sale.  It's not in perfect shape, but I love the color and it's roomier than my pink basket.

Old sewing baskets, like old sewing machines, come with an interesting assortment of goodies inside.

 This one had lots of elastic, bias tape and hem facing.  Someone needs to come up with a great craft project for bias tape. 

It also had some great needle booklets. 

The needles in the second one were tiny, which is probably why they're all still there.

I migrated my cotton embroidery thread into the new basket and I'm using the old one for crewel thread and silk.

They look very cheerful on my shelf.


Debra Spincic said...

Such a great backdrop with your cross stitched quilt! Your quilt matches your Happy Place!

Brenda said...

lovely baskets and vintage finds. I love buying bags of notions at yard sales and giving them a new purpose. thanks for sharing these.

ladyhawthorne said...

I've got a pale green one of those baskets and I keep all my vintage sewing notions in it. It's pretty full.

margaret said...

certainly you had a good buy with your latest sewing basket and full of goodies too. Not sure the elastic will be okay as it tends to perish don`t use it in your knickers!! The round one is lovely too. I have a round hat box that my daughter did not want and I put all my learning patchwork blocks in it, also a sewing basket a bit bigger than yours that I have had 22 years. The plastic tray has long gone but it the rest of it is still in very good condition, this is where I keep bits and bobs I am playing around with.