Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I've finished this shawl that I worked on over the summer.  The pattern Ridge and Furrow Triangular Shawl, by Sue Grandfield, is a free download on Ravelry. 

This is the second shawl I've made from this pattern because it is a lovely meditative knit that's easily memorized.  Plus it's striped, one of my favorite patterns.

The colored yarn is a long color repeat wool blend that I got on clearance.  The black is recycled yarn from a Gap sweater: a blend of wool, nylon, angora and lamb's wool.  Yummy stuff.

I got a question in the comments about the pink and white quilt in the background.  It's a kit quilt top I bought on Ebay.  The workmanship wasn't great, but I love the colors, and Debra machine quilted it for me.  It's so bright and cheerful, and it goes well in my newly refurbished sewing room.

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