Sunday, February 19, 2012

TAST Week 7: Detached Chain

My little block is filling up pretty quickly.

This week I used the detached chain stitch (aka Lazy Daisy) to make silk ribbon leaves for my tree.  I had originally filled it in with perle cotton leaves, but they didn't show up against the busy background, so I pulled out the heavy artillery.  I didn't take out the original stitches, but just sewed right over them, and that worked out fine.

Like I have done with other accent motifs, I traced this little owl from an old embroidery book onto some tear-away stabilizer and stitched through it.  

The bird in the central panel got a few accent stitches, and I added a gold spider web.  My spider blends a bit too much into its leaf, so I'll add some outline in a contrasting color.  My double herringbone stitches got some green buttons, and I added more herringbone stitches and French knots next to the butterfly.

The middle of the block got some dark green buttonhole stitch and some red lazy daisy blooms.

I'm planning to embellish the two short seams to the right of the tree, and to add some foliage to the left side of the tree.  Then I think this block's done.  Onward to the next block!


Magpie Sue said...

So far you're right on track for the year. It's looking great too. :- )

If you notice a decline in the number of comments blame the new word verification system.

Charity said...

Very pretty!

quiltmom said...

What a gorgeous intricate piece you are creating. I took a crazy quilting course one time many years ago and did a little bit of stitching on a stocking. It is still sitting in a box near by to be worked on- somehow I never get to it. Hope all is well with you and that your work is going well too.

shirley said...

i love that tree...and the owl. great work. makes you want to go back and look and look. and those little heart buttons in the tree are fun.

Judy S. said...

Love the tree, Barbara, and the crewel owl and butterfly! It's always fun to see your seam treatments, too.