Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Tisket a Tasket, a Shawl and a Basket

I must be going through a purple phase.  When I uploaded these photos I noticed that I had a color theme going here, including the African violets I picked up at the market last week.

This shawl is the second project I've made with my Ashford Rigid Heddle loom.  I warped all the spaces in the 8-dent heddle with two skeins (about 520 yards) of TLC, an inexpensive acrylic.  Then I wove with more of the same recycled variegated acrylic and wool yarn I used in my first project.  The results are a large (22x64" excluding fringe) and drapy shawl that I took to my mom when I visited my parents over the weekend. 

I'm still practicing getting my edges even, but I think for my next project I'll bring out some of my better yarns and make myself a shawl.

I also made a second fabric basket, using the same very helpful Craftstylish tutorial I used before.  This time I coordinated the colors: green and violet, one of my favorite combinations. The straps are attached with kilt pins so I can carry it like a tote, but I think it may end up as a cat bed.  I've got lotsa cats, and they like soft sunny places to hide out and sleep.


Debra Spincic said...

Your edges like great to me. I bet your mom loved the shawl.

beth said...

I love the shawl just like I loved your last project created on that wonderful loom!

Allison Ann Aller said...

Lovely, both projects!

DebbyMc said...

Fantastic shawl. Edges look great! =-) A kitty would look really cute in that basket, too. I like that shape...

Kay said...

A cat bed! What a great idea. I wonder if my cat would like one. She tends to sleep in less appropriate places.

I also think the edges look fine on that shawl. Beautiful color, and all the colors of the chairs and cushions look so cheerful.

Rian said...

Both the basket and the shawl are beeeeee-utiful. I tend to be drawn toward purple, too. It will catch my eye.

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sommar said...

Do you find the tied on warp ends cause your weave to get lumpy as you roll it onto your front beam? The end ties are pretty big as they roll under the finished woven fabric. Since I am new to weaving, this looks like a problem.