Sunday, April 04, 2010

Some Shawls and More Mail

I like to keep a shawl on the needles as one of my 3-4 knitting projects in progress. I like a plain shawl I can knit without paying too much attention. I can knit one of these while reading, or when in a dark movie theatre. I don't get to too many movies, but just in case I get the chance to go to one, I've got a shawl to knit.

The pattern for the top shawl is Eye of Partridge Shawl by aemmeleia and I knit it in some Kroy sock yarn in the Burnished Sierra Stripes colorway. The stitch pattern shows off the yarn nicely, though the shape is a deep V and not very wide. I guess it's more of a neckerchief than a shawl.

I buy sock yarn in colors I like, though I don't actually knit many socks. I think the last pair I knit took me two years to finish, but sock yarn makes very pretty shawls.

This shawlette is knit from the pattern 22.5 Degrees by Martina Behm. The pattern is here on her website. Though the site is in German, you can see the link to the pattern in English is marked at the bottom of the pattern post. This is a great pattern. I knit it with two strands of a Deborah Norville sock yarn in the Thyme colorway, and I knit the edging with an odd ball of wool and silk blend yarn. Martina has an indispensable link in the pattern to her YouTube video tutorial for making the edging.

I actually made another one of these for my mom in a teal worsted weight yarn, but I mailed it off before I thought to take a photo. Shawlettes are perfect for keeping your neck warm under your jacket, or while you're at home, and they only take one or two balls of yarn to make.

I got more great mail. I won a give-away on Floribunda's blog, and I got this nice batch of gifts. The book has some good ideas: one I liked was personalizing buttons for your projects by painting them with nail polish. Thanks Julie!

I also got a batch of pillowcases and some playing cards from Magpie Sue for Operation Pillowcase. These will be going into the mail as soon as I sew up the pile of pillowcases I'm making to send. Thanks Sue!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you had a relaxing and creative day. I'm knitting my colorwork vest, and watching the Yankees vs. the Red Sox game on TV. The beginning of baseball season means lots of knitting opportunities in the months to come.


Debra said...

It's always chilly in public places around here during the summer when the AC is blasting so your shawls look very inviting. I could probably handle that kind of knitting!

Pillowcases look good too!

Allison Ann Aller said...

How did I not know you are a baseball fan?
I can look at my crazy quilts and point to each place where I worked on it during a World Series...;-) It is our only sport, but we are big fans.

Lovely shawlettes, too.

Judy S. said...

Nice shawls, Barbara. I really like knitting them too.