Monday, October 26, 2009

Laws of Physics

The other day I was making a few more blocks for my spiderweb quilt. This paper pieced pattern uses up some small scraps, so I decided to go through my scrap bin and cut some of the larger pieces into units for a different scrap quilt.

I actually have two scrap bins, but from this one I cut almost all the pieces for the second quilt.

I cut 110 5 x 5" blocks, and even more 5 x 2.5" rectangles. The quilt requires another 20 squares. I think I can scrape together a few more from the drawers full I fabric I have around here.

Since I'm easily distracted, I decided to work on another scrappy UFO. This one uses up skinny strips. You foundation piece them on used dryer sheets. Make sure the sheets have been through the laundry a few times, because otherwise, they're sticky, and they especially stick to your iron. Using dryer sheets for foundation piecing is one of those quilting tips that sounds like a good idea, but it practice, it's not that useful.

But when you get a bunch of these pieced and trim them to 6 x 9" rectangles, I think they look super together.

So I did all this scrap busting, but when I checked the scrap bin, it was still full.

I've discovered a law of physics. Scraps can never be completely used up. At the end of time, it will be them and the cockroaches. We quilters are engaged in an impossible task. The scrap bins, according to the Second Law of Things in Small Pieces, can never be used up. It's impossible. I should give up now.


Plays with Needles said...

you are SO RIGHT!

And you never cease to amaze me...I really love scrap quilts and both of your quilts are looking GREAT!

Vicki W said...

So true! I also found the dryer sheets to be a less than optimal foundation. I think they also dull the sewing machine needle.

I see that a 5" square is about the size of a kitty butt. That's good to know!

Judy S. said...

Looks like you have a very strict supervisor, Barbara! Your physics reminds me of the bottomless pitcher story or the one where the oatmeal comes pouring out the door...... Eek! That's a very nice quilt.

Debra said...

Clearly you do not have the right attitude about those scraps. You need to take it from Louie and turn your back to them and stare out the window! Try that and I bet they disappear! *wink*

I don't like any scents in my clothes so I never got into buying those dryer sheets. What I do is use some less than desirable fabrics as the foundation. I figure it adds another layer of warmth to the quilt. (If you need some, I can send a box! I know--what a joke!)

Kay said...

Isn't it Zeno's paradox that says the runner can never catch the tortoise because he will always only half the distance between them? Or something like that. My son reminded me of it in another context recently, and now it seems to clearly apply to using up scraps.

I like the rectangular strip pieced blocks; I may try that next time I do something like this.

Allison Ann Aller said...

You must keep trying to use them up...because the resulting quilts are so great!!!

Magpie Sue said...

LOL! too true, too true. But you know, I really like the look of those rectangular strippy blocks. I am more tempted to try out this technique now than I ever have been in the past. Won't be using dryer sheets though!

Gloria said...

Hola Bárbara: mis alumnas tambien estan haciendo unas mantas con ese diseño de spiderweb para reciclar todos los retazos...estamos preparando una exposicion para mostrar los trabajos del año !! es fantastica te felicito !!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Love your quilt pictures.
I am trying to do the locker hooking rug and my problem is when I pull the material through it seems I have more than my share of the sides of the strips showing and this is not good. also any suggestions about the worrisome little ravels (the word for it has totally skipped my mind right now)
I use a cutter and board for my strips but what a mess with these strings hanging.
Sorry to bother you but any suggestions would be great.
Also wanted you to be sure and sign up for my giveaway on my site