Sunday, February 01, 2009

Short Attention Span

I was distracted from my Wheel of Fortune quilt by all the fun Debra's having improvising quilts for donation to homeless teens, and now for the babies of teen parents. I dug through my flannel scraps and put together this small quilt to send her, either for a baby, or perhaps as the center for a larger quilt for a boy. That's bad Louie posing on the quilt. If I put a quilt on the floor, a cat will come sit on it. "Thanks for the great rug," they say.

Then I looked around to see what I could whip up next really fast. My neighbor had given me these pillow shams, saying, "maybe you can do something with these." They are those mass-produced Chinese hand quilted linens, and I saved them because I like the stars and the colors. I sashed them and sewed them together, and then I realized I have lots of yellow and blues that would go with them.

I've had these blue and white patches in my stash forEVER. I had forgotten all about them and was thrilled when I found them in the drawer. The yellows came to me in a swap from Debra. What goes around comes around, right?

I even had a border fabric in the perfect yellow. The finished quilt is about 60 x 80 and this one will go to Debra too. I hope it's not too light-colored or girly.

I went though the trunk where I store some of my finished quilts and I found this baby quilt I'd made awhile ago.

It's reversible. Here's the other side. This will go to Debra too.

My thrift store deal of the week is this 2.5 yard cut of seersucker for $2.00. Talk about cheap thrills: I love these colors. I've got to get the Wheel of Fortune done so I can use the design wall and keep the quilts off the floor and the cat hair to a minimum.


Vicki W said...

Wow, the quilt top you made with the pillow shams is jsut perfect for Debra's efforts!

Debra said...

That Debra is going to have so much fun with these quilt tops! Plus, I found a yellow dotted sheet this week that will be super for the backing. I have blue and yellow on the brain too with one of the next tops in that same color group. It's just so lively and springish! Thanks so much for your pieces!

Judy S. said...

Not only will Debra have fun, your quilts will be much appreciated, Barbara! All short attention spans should be so productive.... Cute kitty. Isn't it crazy how they like to be in the middle of whatever you're working on?

quiltmom said...

Great quilts, Barbara
I am sure that Debra will appreciate them. I love how the lonestar blocks turned out together- It worked wonderfully well.

That Louie cat must be related to my Mars cat- Mars checks out every quilt that I have ever made--
Mars is even orange like Louie..

I loved your Frida pieces ( earlier post) just didn't get a chance to come back and comment on your lovely work..

Be well,

Magpie Sue said...

Those improvisational quilts made from what comes to hand quickly can be the most fun of all! Not a bad way to get distracted in my book :- )

Granny Fran said...

Your fast quilt tops are great and will be much appreciated. I love that seersucker; seersucker is one of my weaknesses.

Allison Ann Aller said...

The yellow and blue quilt is going to be especially loved, I am sure.
Great work....