Monday, May 14, 2007

Seven Things

Allie tagged me to do the 7 Things About Me meme. Here's some fuel for those inquiring minds.
1. I have two boyfriends. One is the amazing Michael:
The other is the lovely Louie:
2. Michael brings me flowers and chocolate every week. Yes, every week. This week it was pink tulips and a chocolate banana slug.
3. The banana slug is the mascot of U.C. Santa Cruz, where both Michael and I went to college so it's a kind of inside joke. He got his undergraduate degree there in the 60s, and I went to graduate school there in the 80s.
4. Louie doesn't bring flowers or chocolate, but he sleeps faithfully next to my legs every night. Except for that time last week when he slept with my daughter--hey, this is sounding like an episode of one of those tawdry afternoon t.v. shows.
5. Speaking of questionable t.v., I love to watch some these shows in the name of studying popular culture, and of keeping up on the things my students are watching. I like The Hills, Project Runway, and America's Next Top Model. A woman can't live on literary criticism alone.
6. I'm resistant to new technology. My t.v. is almost as old as my almost 19 year-old daughter. It's a good thing I have a man and teenagers to nudge me into the modern world, or I'd be watching The Hills in black and white. I do however love my laptop, wireless internet and my ipod...
7. Speaking of ipods, my latest indulgence is listening to podcasts. I worship Brenda Dayne, whose knitting podcast Cast On is total bliss. If you don't have an ipod, you can download it to your computer and listen to it there.

I took forever to respond to the challenge, so I may be the last one to post in this go-around. If anyone is left who hasn't posted yet, consider yourself tagged. I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day.


Rian said...

Michael looks like a cool dude--I remember the picture of him "sitting." We all need to do more of that--I know I do.

Let's hear it for iPod!

Debra Spincic said...

I love it when you post (anything)! I like Michael too!
School over?

Allison Ann Aller said...

This was worth waiting for...
I am so glad you have a balanced life: literary criticism and pop TV..

Go Sluggers!

Granny Fran said...

Some women have all the luck, 2 boyfriends plus a chocolate slug. This guy is a definite keeper.

Susan said...

My son was so lost without his iPod, stolen from his car last year, that I bought him another one for his birthday this year. He loves the podcasts.

I enjoyed your "two men" humor. =)

Finn said...

Hi Barb, your 7 post was well worth waiting for and seems very well thought out to me..*VBS* neat looking guys, Micheal and Louie..lucky you!
I'm a secret fan of Project Runway and Amer. Next Top Model, not sure what it is that fascinates me about them, but I'm hooked!
Thanks for the clue on downloading the podcast to the computer, didn't know that...and for popping by to say hello...*VBS*, always makes my day to see you again. Hugs, Finn
P.S. I really like people who are uniquely 'themselves', like you..*VBS*