Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lucky Days

We had a little excitement around her for Friday the 13th. My daughter Allie was in a car accident with two of her friends. No one was seriously injured: the three girls got whiplash but otherwise are fine. Allie's friend Maggie was driving, and her car was rear-ended while she was waiting to make a left-hand turn. A teenage boy driving a large truck didn't stop in time, and rear-ended the equally large truck that hit Maggie's car. Her small car may be totaled, but neither of the trucks was damaged. After the three girls got checked out in the hospital, we went out for ice cream to celebrate the fact that everyone was fine.

Here's my lucky girl modeling a jacket I recently embellished. As part of my on-going love affair with Aunt Martha embroidery transfers, I ironed this peacock transfer to the back of an old denim jacket. The transfer, which was black, is permanent, and I traced over it with a fine point sharpie marker. In the places where the transfer blurred, it looks a bit like shading, but otherwise, I like the way the image looks almost like a tattoo. This is also a fast project. It only took about an hour to trace the transfer.

I started cleaning out a drawer of some old leftover 4-patch blocks made from home dec fabrics, and it morphed into this quilt. I pieced the 4-patches into the center of this quilt, and then kept adding other home dec sample pieces. I also decided to use the vintage bark cloth fabric you see in the outer border, rather than let it keep warming the shelf. I'm really in a stash busting mood these days.

I love these soft gold and pastel colors. As soon as school lets out I'm planning on doing some painting and re-decorating, and this will fit nicely in my plans for my bedroom.

Since I cleared some space in the stash I felt good bringing this home Saturday morning.
The Methodist church near me has an annual rummage sale, and they always have some good deals. I got this office paper box of flannel pieces (there's also a bit of regular cotton) for $2. Not in the photo is a 2-yard cut of beige and orange flannel. I think whoever donated this was making ragged-edged quilts. Some of the pieces are cut into rough 10-12 inch squares, but there are also a lot of bigger pieces. I won't be making a ragged-edge quilt, but will probably make a modified rail-fence pattern.
The irises in my garden have come up. I really need to get out and weed the yard, but this corner looks magnificent right now. The cats are enjoying our sunny afternoons, which are interspersed between rainy days. Here's Louie, our newest (and sweetest) cat, who's been with us for about 6 months, enjoying the sun.
I'm waiting impatiently for the summer, for some time off work and some gardening weather.


Charlene said...

Glad to hear the teens were not seriously hurt. It can be dangerous out there! The jacket is very pretty, quite subtle really. Very lovely quilt - the colors will make a lovely bedroom decor. The recent freeze killed my single iris that had bloomed. Louie looks just like my neighbor's 'yellow' cat, but Cat is older.

Gerry said...

So glad to hear that your DD and her friends are okay. My DS had his 'minor passenger' restriction lifted on the 13th. I felt so much more secure before he could have friends riding with him. Oh well....they grow up!

The quilt is just gorgeous!

Debra Spincic said...

I agree here--glad to know Allie is fine. I almost thought you were going to say you were going to embroider that peacock. Yikes! but how clever to use it like you did.

I love the pastel quilt top--I have a weakness for pastels anyway.

Allison Ann Aller said...

Terrrrific peacock!
Very glad your daughter and her friends are o.k.
Love seeing your quilt top; it will be a serene room if those are the colors.
Sweet kittycat, too....
So glad to have a new post from you, Barbara!

Maddie Can Fly said...

Love, love, love the quilt made from the home dec fabric. Makes me see all those remnants in a whole new light.

Vicki W said...

I love this scrap quilt that you made!

Susan said...

Motherhood surely isn't easy! Glad the girls were okay. Maybe her dad will get her a truck this time. =) Glad it wasn't her fault, either, as that would have made her feel doubly awful.

The peacock design is fabulous. I love what you did with it. And that box of fabric for $2? Amazing!

Deb H said...

Wow, there's a lot in this post!

I'm glad your daughter & friends are ok. Love her hair, it's the same color as my DD's. The peacock jacket is great. Only an hour> Wow again!

Great quilt. Don't you just love using stuff up? I'm not doing so well, ATCs & postquards don't use much.

I still have snow in my yard, No flowers here.

Love the cat. Mine is in my lap right now purring. Thanks for the visit!

Granny Fran said...

Thank God, the girls are Ok.
Thanks for the idea of using the bark cloth for a border. I have some lovely vintage pieces from e_bay that I haven't known how to use. They would be great on a quilt and I could see them. Now they are in a big chest under my cutting table.

Anonymous said...

Your fourpatch quilt in home dec fabrics looks lovely! The colors are so soft and warm. It will be a nice quilt to have in your bedroom. Iris is one of my favourite flowers! They look so beautiful in your garden. I wish I could have them on my balcony, but it is to warm in the summer.