Monday, March 13, 2006

Design Wall Tour

Recently I saw a quilter on t.v. who had a design wall with multiple sliding panels. She had several layers of projects on these panels and she could shift them around and work on several at a time. I like to keep a number of projects going at the same time. I'm not good at what knitters call Project Monogamy.

I've got an entire wall that I use for my design wall, yet I never seem to have enough space. I've got several projects up on the wall right now. Debra had a block swap on the about forum that I didn't join, but I really liked the block, so I'm making a small table-sized version for myself.

Here is a link to the Quilter's Cache site, which is the source for the pattern, called "All Those Squares." I'm using (of all things) some of the triangles that get cut off when I make binding. I save these bits in a jar, I'm not sure quite why. I've got a ton of them in red, and they work perfectly in this pattern.

I've also got up on the wall some blocks made from the leftover pieces that got cut off of the Pineapple Blossom blocks I made from the pattern on the Quiltville site.

I've got my Winter Madonna up, but you can see that on the Madonna site.

I've also fiddled around with some vintage fabric I've set aside from the huge thrift store score I made a couple of years ago. These orange and brown fabrics give me 70s flashbacks. The little figures remind me of Holly Hobby.

I hope you enjoyed my design wall tour. Please make sure and take all your valuables as you exit the bus, and show me what's up on your wall.


Scrapmaker said...

I always enjoy seeing what other people are working on, and I have the same trouble with design wall space. I have one or two friends that stick to just one project until they finish, but I don't know how they do it! Jen

Debra Spincic said...

Can I use this idea "Design Wall Tour" on the forum please?

I just took a picture of my design wall but the camera batteries blinked so I'll have to wait until later to post pictures.

Fun idea!

I like your All Those Squares. . .mine are up on the wall too.

Allison said...

Yes I have enjoyed the tour!

Lots of happy colors up there on your wall, as usual...your work always strikes me as cheerful...

Kim said...

It would be wonderful to have sliding design wall panels! We all make due with what we can. Thanks for the tour, it's a great idea.

Deb H said...

Nice use of space. I like the layering idea, as I always have several irons in the fire too. My design wall is just a blank space right now, as I've just recently moved in & hadn't finished what I wanted to do, but now I my borrow the idea & make mutiples! Thanks!!

Kay said...

A fun tour. I like to see someone who can't bear to part with those little cut off pieces either!  I used some in little pinwheels which I put in a nine patch and then as cornerstones in the sashing connecting the 9 patches. This made a cute little charity quilt.