Monday, February 06, 2006


What do you know, we had sun over the weekend. And Allison was right, the daffodils are budding. These are growing in a pot in my very own front yard, so they cheer my up as I come and go.

Sunday was a beautiful day. I had brunch with a group of women I get together with once a month. We're all teachers, three of us teach college, and two are elementary school teachers. We've all got kids who are high school and college age. Three of us are married and two of us are divorced. Although we don't all stay in touch with each other in between get-togethers, we are always glad to see each other and to catch up. We were trying to remember how long we've been doing this, and we think it's been five years, but no one can quite remember. It's become a very pleasant routine, to sit and eat and talk and to see who's grappling with what challenges or triumphs at the moment. We all know that whatever it is, we have either been there, or will likely be there some day.

Here's a photo taken last October. That's me with the glasses, and from left to right there's Susan, Stephanie and Catherine. Nancy didn't make it that time. We usually meet in each other's homes, but this one time we met in a restaurant.

I feel very fortunate to be a part of this circle of smart and compasionate friends. Like the daffodils, they are a great source of joy and optimism.


Allison said...

Throughout life's vagaries, one of the true constants is the joy and hope we derive from our women friends.
You all look so strong and happy together!

Jules said...

My mom had a group of friends very similar to yours. They were all in the nursing field--professors or working with healthcare legislation. They used to get together for lunch at Mrs. Kay's Tollhouse. My dissertation is dedicated to those women and some of my mom's other friends who showed me how smart women can be.

(I just reread that, and it sounds like my mom is dead. She is not.)

Debra Spincic said...

Nothing beats a woman for someone who can relate to our own lives!

Denim Doll said...

The daffodils are blooming in Dallas too! About a month early this year..

Scrapmaker said...

Love daffodils. Women friends keep us sane like nothing else. Jen