Sunday, October 23, 2005

If someone was pale or tired looking, my mother used to say they looked like "the last rose of summer." Well, these robust beauties are the next-to-the-last, if not the last tomatoes from my garden this summer. I put one cherry tomato plant in what was apparently the perfect place in my yard: up against the house, facing south. I live in a coastal climate, so growing tomatoes is no easy feat, but this perfect plant in the perfect spot rewarded me by turning into a tomato octopus. It took over that part of the yard, draping itself over the rose bushes, and producing bowls and bowls of wonderful tomatoes. The plant is turning brown and wilting now, but there are still some not-quite-ripe tomatoes, and even a few flowers, on the vine. If the weather stays mild, I may have a few tomatoes into November.

And since we've got a red thing going here, I've posted my directions for making this recycled sweater in my photo album under "Recycled Red Sweater." Use the link on the right.

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