Sunday, October 30, 2005

Here are two recent quilts I made to donate to charity. The strippy has as a focus fabric a beautiful toile that I had cut for another project, but then didn't use. I was glad to find a new home for these strips. I also used a large piece of vintage faux Pennsylvania Dutch fabric from the 60s on the back.

The pastel quilt is made from a commercial pattern called "Five and Dime" which makes up very quickly and is fun to use with novelty fabrics in the long center strips. It's amazing how fast this charity quilt endeavor has given new purpose to old fabrics in my stash. I still have some large pieces that I would like to find a use for, but now I can think up quilts that are not for people I know personally, but for someone out in the world who would be happy to get a homemade quilt.

The Days of the Dead are also upon us. The Mexican Day of the Dead (November 2) is a celebration that fuses the Catholic feast of All Souls with indigenous celebrations in which the spirits of the dead return to their family members to receive offerings of food and drink, sights, smells, and sounds, and to see that they are remembered. In both traditions, the living and the dead are in contact with each other because life and death are not separate planes, but a continuum of connected experience. The dead are always with us, and we are with them.

Here's a couple of pictures of the Day of the Dead quilt I made last year with some of the great fabrics in the Alexander Henry line.

I had long wanted to make a pineapple quilt, but four blocks proved to be quite enough for now, thank you. Luckily, they were the right size to make up the center for this quilt.


Rian said...

Thank you for reminding me about El Dia de los Muertos. I find it a fascinating holiday--one year I was in Mexico on this holiday and it was a great experience. But I always forget about it--every year. That's it, I must make a Day of the Dead quilt!

Debra Spincic said...

While I have always been interested in this holiday, having it so near Will's death gives it new meaning for me. Thank you for writing about it for all of us. I do believe that our departed loves one are with us.

Barbara C said...

I usually put up a Day of the Dead altar in my house with pictures of departed family members, and flowers, food, candles, and artwork, but I still haven't gotten around to it. My daughter did comment the other day that we still hadn't done it, so maybe that means she'll help.

Allison said...

What a beautiful holiday...much preferable to Halloween, I think!
(Many, many would disagree, however.) Nice post!
I love your fast quilts. We get so caught up in our Big Projects that it is a blessed relief sometimes to just put fabrics together, pedal to the metal, and create functional, warmth-giving objects in a short amount of time. In the long run, which of our sewing efforts will leave a more important legacy? Now there's a question!

Two Madonna Gals said...

The comfy quilts will outlast the "art" in my opinion!