Thursday, August 16, 2018

Vest + Vest = Cowl

Once upon a time I started to knit this stranded vest from a Kaffe Fassett pattern.  Unfortunately the pattern was written for flat vs. in-the-round knitting, and I soon gave up.  Oh, and then there was the 3-color stranded knitting...I was out of my league.

I saved this piece of knitting because there was no way I would rip out something I'd sweated over so much.  Plus, I love this Persian Poppies pattern, which is very typical of Kaffe Fassett's style.

Recently, I ran across my aborted project, and feeling inspired, I felted this holey thrift store cashmere vest, and then carefully cut some pieces the same dimension as my knitted piece.

I then slip stitched the two pieces together and voila: 

a cowl!  I promise, my expression notwithstanding, I'm very pleased with the outcome.


Judy S. said...

Very clever! What a creative solution!

Debra Dixon said...

That's a Great Save! Way to Go!