Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Pot Holders

Making pot holders and hot pads has to be one of the more satisfying projects there is.  First you get to use up fun fabrics and odd blocks you've been saving up.  You also get to use up the odd bits of batting and flannel that you've been saving in case you needed them someday.  Someday arrived at my house.

These pot holders were made with some circa 1980s cheater blocks.  With a slightly mis-matched binding they look pretty cool I think.

I also cut into some larger scraps of one of my favorite Alexander Henry fabric and made these retro potholders. All these go into my box for holiday gifts. This was a fun afternoon of sewing.

Mimi kept me company and helped pick out the bindings.


beth s said...

MY kind of sewing!

margaret said...

smaller projects can be so rewarding as they take so little time, both fabrics are very nice