Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Scrappy Diamonds

I'm on to my next scrappy project, using up some dark reds and golds I'd set aside to use together.  I decided to make a simple one-block quilt and let the colors and fabrics do the work.  

I love half-square triangles.  They're easily constructed and can be set in many different ways.  For this quilt I decided to go with a setting where the darks and lights form alternating diamonds.

I cut 7-inch squares in each color, only because that's what my scraps would yield. 

My tip is to press one of the colors in half along the diagonal--it doesn't matter which color you use, but I chose the lights.  This is the guide line I use to stitch a 1/4 inch seam along each side--no marking needed.  After they're sewn, cut along the pressed line and you get 2 HSTs that can be trimmed to 6.5 inch squares.


So far the top is 36 x 48," but I've got more scraps for the border to make this into a generous-sized throw.


floribunda said...

isn't it interesting how you can combine such a disparate assortment of fabrics and create a cohesive result? I especially like the pale yellow...

margaret said...

This quilt is coming together so well.It is great what can be done with a triangle, I too make mine the same way as you, I do have the easy angle template but find using a square much easier, though I draw line, will try ironing in future as another blogger showed this way in a blog a couple of days ago.

Jodi said...

I love it! Great colors together! And with Autumn approaching, perfect, in my opinion!