Friday, August 07, 2015

Free Pattern Friday

This week's free pattern highlight is The Long Beanie by Wooly Wormhead.  Although it's blazing hot in much of the west, the fall will soon be upon us, and hat season will return.  This is also a great time to knit up a few hats for charity.  There's a constant need for hats at programs that serve the homeless, at women's shelters, and at schools with large numbers of impoverished children.  I'll donate my hats to a school on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation though the "For the Children of Pine Ridge" group  on Ravelry

I love this pattern because it knits up very quickly in superbulky yarn.  If you don't have this yarn weight in your stash, you can hold 2 strands of worsted together to make gauge.  This pattern fits a range of sizes from child to adult, and you can use up small bits of yarn by knitting stripes.

Although Bunny the Cat doesn't look very impressed by my handiwork, I think these hats will make some children's winter a little warmer. 

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Judy S. said...

Cute kitty! You're right summer is fleeing past way too quickly!