Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Scrap Diving

While sorting through my supplies, I realized that I have a lot of scraps.  The scrap drawer was getting hard to close because it was so full.  I looked through various books and magazines, searching for the right pattern, and found Four Squares on the Quilter's Cache website.   The instructions are precise and clear, and I took a cue from the pattern and used up some of my blue and green scraps for the bigger pieces, and yellow, white and gold for the smaller pieces.

I've made a lot of headway so far.  Each block is 12" finished, which is a nice size for other projects as well.  I've been thinking these would make nice hot pads.  I actually had to go buy more yellow fabric for this project, but I'm using up lots of blues and greens and I like the scrappy look.  I think this will keep me busy for awhile.


margaret said...

Barbara this is working beautifully, looks quite complicated to me. I have just made 20 blocks with crazymomsblog scrap vortex quilt just joining up all the scraps randomly, now though I have no scraps left!

beth s said...

Lovely quilt!

Debra Dixon said...

I like!!