Tuesday, March 03, 2015


I've been MIA for awhile, but going back to work after having a semester off for sabbatical has meant a bit of an adjustment in my schedule.  Then, of course, working and being around a lot of people during the height of the cold and flu season meant that I got what was going around, which knocked me off my game for a few weeks.  I'm happy to be well again.

In the meantime, I made another rag rug on my rigid heddle loom.  I posted a tutorial in 2012, which still brings me lots of blog traffic.   I used a slightly longer 65" warp with this project, and I'll probably go even longer next time.

For this rug I used red cotton for the warp, and various red prints for the weft.

It's a yummy rug for the kitchen.

Off the needles, I finished a pair of socks.   I love knitting striped socks as I can measure my progress with the color changes.   It's hard to stop sometimes because I want to see what the next color will look like.


Magpie Sue said...

I was beginning to wonder what had become of you! Glad it was just normal life.

I love that red rag rug. I think I have sort of a thing for rag rugs - or maybe throw rugs in general! There's not much need for them in this house but I still want most of the ones I see. :- )

Judy S. said...

Awesome rug! You did a fantastic match up on those striped socks. Nice work on both!