Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Two More from the Vault

I've got two more fully completed quilts!  The first one, Wheel of Fortune, was a long-term project.

Contemporary machine quilting was done by Debra Dixon, whose work is high quality, quick, and reasonably priced.

This detail shows the blocks that are featured in my blog header, as well as the straight-line quilting.

I found this great flannel for the back.

It's lovely and squishy and it now lives in my home office.  I need a bit of visual excitement when I'm working in there sometimes.

The second finish is of a UFO from LONG ago.  When I first started quilting about 15 years ago I pieced these blocks and hand quilted the entire center of the quilt

When it came time to quilt the borders I ran out of enthusiasm.  When I pulled out this quilt recently I had half made up my mind to throw it out, because I had no intention of finishing the hand quilting.  But, hey, I thought, I have machines that do that.

Sure enough, the machine quilted borders are just fine for this quilt.  I still like the graphic design, and now it's fully quilted and bound. 

Cleaning up my UFOs has left me all kinds of mental and physical storage space for projects for the new year.


margaret said...

2 great finishes the first one looks so complicated with all those curves not tackled them yet I can see it is a lovely quilt to have in your office to brighten the day. Love the other one too so good that you completed it rather than chucking it.I so enjoy hand quilting more than doing it on the machine. Now you can start on new projects for 2015

Brenda said...

Good for you for finishing up these quilts! I like them both.

Beth Shibley said...

Wow! LOVE that second quilt! Good job on finishing these!