Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Weaving on the Cricket Loom with Lion Brand Homespun

I've been giving my little Cricket loom a workout, trying out various yarns and yarn pairings.  While I do this, as you can see, I'm binge watching The Good Wife on Hulu.   I used to watch the series before, but I recently caught up on the episodes I'd missed, and now I'm watching it from the beginning.  The characters are great, and there are some very quirky minor characters.

Here are some of the yarns I've been playing with.   When you weave with them, novelty yarns transform into something altogether amazing.

 These two scarves use novelty yarns in combination with some conventional yarns.

This scarf combines a patterned sock yarn warp with a solid black weft that alternates with more self-striping sock yarn.  I love the vertical shots of white in this scarf.

One discovery has been what a joy it is to weave with Lion Brand Homespun.  It's readily available, and inexpensive (especially bought on sale or with a coupon).  One caveat is that once cut, it unravels like crazy, so have your anti-fray product ready.

I wove this scarf with a 5 dent heddle and with Homespun in the both the warp and weft.  I threw in a few passes of sparkle yarn at the beginning and end--it's too scratchy to be around your neck.  The finished scarf is incredibly squishy.  Yes, that's an official weaving term.  It's soft and velvety.  Mmm, I can't wait to make the next one.


DebbyMc said...

These are all so beautiful, Barbara! My favorite is the orange, of course :-)

margaret said...

your weaving is coming along beautifully, the scarfs will be warm and cosy for the wearer. I was at a show at the weekend and a man was weaving on a massive loom using his feet,but it was only narrow and he was sort of laid back on a very sloping chair he drew in lots of spectators, was fascinating to watch

Jill at emeraldcottage said...

Hi there, I've just discovered your blog as I was searching for Rigid Heddle blogs - I've just purchased my first loom - an Ashford 20" knitters loom - I'm hoping it will arrive today and am super excited!!!! I can tell I'll be following you pretty closely, you've made some gorgeous things. Right now I am off to tidy up my work table to make room for the new arrival!
Jill xo