Tuesday, September 02, 2014


I quilted the Forest Creatures quilt.  It got the black fleece backing after all, since the orange fleece was too small.  Free motion quilting is not easy with fleece, so I'd hate to do a big quilt  with a fleece back.  I think this quilt will go to one of the step-grands.  I have another small top for the other child, which I'll expand a bit and then back with fleece as well.

I realize that I'm organizing my space and supplies these days.  I unravelled three sweaters for their yarn, a steel gray Shetland wool fingering, a peal grey dk lambswool, and this very cheerful pink

worsted weight.  I wash and hang the curly hanks and then either leave them in skeins or wind up balls for storage.  Then they'll be ready to knit up when I am.  I feel the fall in the air here, so the serious knitting season will soon be upon us.


margaret said...

quilt looks good, glad you have owned up to fleece not being easy to quilt, I thought that would be the case but if course in the shops etc they say it is no problem, know they were making it sound easier than it is. Rather like the wool with the curls in it, it is a long time since I unravelled and washed any wool, mind you I find the joints will not allow me to knit these days

beth said...

I tried unraveling ONCE and never tried again. Is there a secret to your success? ;)