Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fleece-backed Quilts and Crocheted mittens

The fleece-backed nap quilts are a success.  I found some  1-yard remnants at the fabric store, and minimally quilted them wrong sides together.

The backing was about 2 inches larger than the quilt top on all sides, and I turned the excess fabric to the front of the quilt and zig zagged it down.  Easy as pie.

 ...And really cuddly too.  If I wanted to be fancy, I would've mitred the corners, but I'm not often fancy.

This week I also crocheted some scrappy preschooler mittens from Yarnville's free pattern Mrs. Murdock's Mittens.  It's an interesting patten with a few new tricks, but once I did one, it was easy going from there.  The pattern comes in three sizes: preschool, older kids, and women's and the mittens come out very thick. 

I put up a website for my book:  have a look and send me some feedback if you have any suggestions.


margaret said...

the fleece is a great backing especially for baby quilts, must look into trying some myself. Best of luck with your book, think it is on UK amazon as well if so I will get a copy. Mittens will come in handy in the winter, we are having lovely weather at the moment.

Magpie Sue said...

My head has been too difficult to spend much time on a computer lately. I do like the cover of your book however. Will have to look over the website more carefully another time.

those mittens are adorable!