Tuesday, July 01, 2014

A Quandary and Some Weaving

The butterfly quilt is still unfinished and I think I may be talking myself out of adding borders. It's 78x 78" and after straightening up my linen closet and quilt truck I realized I really don't need another big quilt.  As is, it will fit nicely on the twin bed in my sewing room.  Any advice before I take it down from the design wall?

While I mull over the future of my quilt, I've done a little weaving.  This lovely scarf was warped with a solid lavender sock yarn, and the weft was a self-striping sock yarn, alternating with a sparkly variegated yarn.

I used the sparkly yarn to break up the solid sections of the self-striping yarn.  The patterned parts of the self-striping yarn wove up into some nice geometric patterns.

Now I'm weaving a sock yarn warp with a variegated wool blend.  That's eyelash yarn in the warp along the sides.  I've picked up several colors in the thrift store and I'm experimenting with weaving with them.  I like the pop of texture it gives.


margaret said...

yes do away with the border, it distracts the eyes from those wonderful butterflies, well that is what I feel. Such a beautiful scarf, looks so warm and cosy

Magpie Sue said...

What a pretty scarf! The eyelash yarn in the new one will create an interesting texture for sure.

The butterfly top certainly does not need the borders. You could even just use that pink you have in place for the frame as binding. :- )

WendyCarole said...

I'd leave the border off it was me.

Love the weaving too the eyelash yarn looks good.