Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Some Baby Duds and an Interview

One of Michael's nephews is expecting a baby, so I knitted up these little things to include with a present we're sending.  The yarn is fingering weight sock yarn, so it's machine washable even though it's wool.  It's very satisfying to knit for little babies because the projects generally are pretty quick.  Once I turned the heel on the little socks, it was almost time to start the toe decreases.

I'm finishing up grading, and looking forward to the Summer and Fall, when I have a sabbatical.  I've got some writing projects lined up, but I also have a crazy quilt planned as well.  The subject of the quilt will be Mexican Jenny, the protagonist of the title poem of my book. 

I had a chance recently to talk about the book and about Jenny and quilts in an interview on the Letras Latinas blog.  The interviewer had some good questions about quilting and it's significance to Mexican Jenny's story and to my book.  Now that I've told Jenny's story in words, I want to tell it in fiber. 

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margaret said...

such cute little socks when i look at my very large feet it is hard to imagine we all had little ones years ago! Sorry computer speed slow so could not watch the interview but read the write up re Jenny and count my blessings that I have a better life than she endured. I am sure you will enjoy making your crazy quilt