Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Mitts and Apple Time

I've been very busy at work these days, so I don't have much creative work to show for myself.  I did, however, knit this pair of mitts in a chunky wool, an old ball of Noro Bonbori. I always love the color changes in Noro yarn. The free pattern Basic Fingerless Mitts,  is knit flat and seamed, and it's a quick project to make.  These went to a colleague who gave me some wool to unravel. 

I have an apple tree in my backyard, and it's Apple Time, so I had to do something with this year's harvest.

 I cooked up a couple of vats of applesauce...

...and got over a dozen pints.

I also made over a dozen small jars of apple chutney.  We eat a lot of chutney at my house.  This was a half day's work, but it was a team effort.  Michael was in charge of peeling the apples, and I have one of those little hand crank peelers that's fun to use. 

I still have apples, but I've done my canning for the year.  With the leftovers, they'll be some apple crisps, and maybe a few baked apples.


beth said...

Ooh....I wish I had an apple tree! Love homemade applesauce and the chutney sounds yummy!

margaret said...

great mitts, must pop over for the pattern as they would be good for me, my hands get so cold stitching, think maybe these would help. My apple crop has been small this year and as for pears I had 2 one of which was an odd shape, long and skinny. Chutney looks delicious

DebbyMc said...

Cute mitts =-) I made my first baked apple of the year day before yesterday...it was scrumptious! I always make a lot of applesauce...there is something so satisfying about it...the smell, the taste, the whole process, really...Happy Fall!