Tuesday, August 06, 2013

A Dollar Eighty-Nine

I had a good run at the thrift stores recently.  I picked up this Aunt Martha quilt booklet to add to my collection of vintage ephemera.

Among the patterns are these cute appliques.

On the same trip, I found this 1923 crocheted lace booklet.

Some of the illustrations are pretty corny.

This cross-stitched doily has a nice blank space in the middle for a transfer.

The deal of the day was that I got this double bed 95% embroidered quilt top from a Paragon kit.  I have a minor obsession with embroidered quilt kits.  This one is made up of three printed panels in the Baltimore album style.

There's only one stain, between the second and third motifs on the bottom, and the embroidery is very well executed.

The embroidery is complete except for the places where the patterns meet,

...and this one piece of border.  This top was $1.89.  There was another kit, maybe 10% embroidered, in browns and golds, and they wanted MORE for that one.  I think I got the better deal.  A few more stitches and the top will be completed. 


beth said...

I want to live near YOUR thrift shop!

margaret said...

what wonderful buys, your thrift shops are a lot cheaper than ours!

DebbyMc said...

Wow! Love the quilt. Amazing purchase!I have several of those Aunt Martha booklets. I really love that edging booklet! I'm always looking for edging patterns.

Magpie Sue said...

You TOTALLY got the better deal with that nearly complete embroidered bed quilt top! Those dog and cat applique patterns look pretty familiar...