Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Making a Rag Rug from Old Sheets

I've been wanting a BIG cotton rug for my kitchen.  Something to catch the splashes that happen between the sink and the dishwasher. 

I had a pile of old sheets--stuff truly beyond use.  When my daughter lived at home she had a pet rat, Millie, and used to fall asleep with her in the bed.  Millie was very tame and loved these pajama parties, but she also liked to chew holes in the sheets.

I cut the sheets into one inch continuous strips like this.  Winding the strips into balls made them easier to handle.  I cast on 52 stitches with a size P crochet hook and did a simple double crochet until I got to the size I wanted.

I would have made it bigger, but I was afraid of making it too big for my washing machine.

This is how much was left over.  This project ate up some serious yardage.

On the Guernsey Shawl front, I'm on Chart B.  This has turned out to be my morning knitting: it requires me to pay attention, and to see what I'm doing clearly.  I watch an episode of Breaking Bad on Netflix in the morning, and knit a few rows.


Sharon Pope said...

I love the rug! Love your blog too! Very inspiring! :)

sophie said...

I have saved some KNIT examples of rugs like yours ... because I want one, too. Yours is another example for my idea file-it's great!