Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Granny Square Scarf

I'm chugging along on my Granny Square Scarf, inspired by the Bohemian Rhapsody scarf pattern and kit.  After making several motifs, I realized my weaving samples are not going to be sufficient for the whole project.

Luckily, I have left over sock and fingering weight yarn from past projects.  It looks like I've got a thing for orange and blue.

I also have a stash of crewel embroidery yarn, 100% wool, and in a good range of colors.  Some of the longer pieces are sufficient for the first and even second rounds of the motif.  Shorter lengths have to be joined.  Two of my favorite methods for joining yarn seamlessly are the Braided Join, and the Russian Join.  These links are to youTube videos.

I may get close to the 70 colors in my inspiration piece. 

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beth said...

You always inspire me!