Sunday, August 05, 2012

July TAST and CQJP

In between a couple of out of town trips I finished my July CQJP block.

Pink Basque stitch is accented with hearts.  The cardinal's branch has some oyster stitch leaves.

I added some fern stitch and button flowers to my faux ceramic pot.  I wish that green had a higher contrast against the blue background.

I pulled this crochet motif from the goody box circulating among some of the Tuesday Stitchers and added a bouquet of silk ribbon flowers.

There's the up and down buttonhole stitch in red, accented with more buttons.  The button stash got heavy use this month.


Rian said...

Barbara, your stitches are beautiful (love that blue plaid fabric). Every time I see stitches like this it makes my hands hurt just looking at them.

Jodi said...

stumbled upon your blog via "love laugh quilt". Fabulous creativity you have! looking forward to "following" you!

Kay said...

Love all the detail that repays study. My favorite is the plant in the pot with the little button flowers.