Sunday, July 01, 2012

Palestrina Stitch and Project Half-Way Point

I'm starting my July CQJP block with two versions of the palestrina stitch, the short-armed version in blue, and the longer version in yellow.  I'm considering the crocheted motif on the block, which I got in the treasure box some of the Tuesday Stitchers have been passing around.  I also took the little pot button out of my stash as the basis for a vine or maybe a tree.

I felt brave cutting the embroidered rose from a vintage but stained doily.

The six blocks I've made so far are roughly positioned around the central St. Francis image.  Again, I may re-print the central image onto another fabric, even though I like the blue flowers, because the image resolution isn't as sharp as I want it to be.  In the next six blocks I have to integrate more left-facing birds so that they're not all looking in the same direction.  I like the way the colors repeat across the blocks, and I'm going to try to maintain this balance.  Six blocks down, six to go.

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Susan Elliott said...

I can now see the vision for your quilt. I didn't realize that St. Francis was going to be the center. This is going to be wonderful. Remember I mentioned that St. Clare was the patron saint of embroiderers? Well, she was a student of St. Francis and founded the poor Clares...when her health got too bad to do physical labor, she continued to "work" by creating ecclesiastical embroideries for the church.

I am really enjoying this quilt coming together. Beautiful job!