Sunday, December 05, 2010

Fair Isle Vest and a Baby Quilt--Finished!

I finally finished the Faire Isle vest I was knitting for my mom.  I began it early this year, intending to give it to her for her birthday, but it didn't go as fast as I'd hoped, and then I fell and needed four months of hand therapy to recover the use of my left hand.  Finishing the vest, I'm convinced, has helped me to recover the complete use of the injured hand.

This vest was a kit from Knit Picks, the on-line yarn company.  The kit is discontinued, but it was an excellent first major Faire Isle project for me.  I sent it off to mom, and she assured me that although she hadn't tried it on yet, she would wear it to church.  Arg!  I told her wear it often, because it's warm, but I should've realized she would likely save it for special occasions. 

 Here's the inside of the vest where you can see how the stranded yarn looks on the back.  Yes, I am showing off.

The vest is knit in a big tube with decreases for the neck and arm holes.  Then I sewed the steeks up on my sewing machine to secure everything, and cut the holes open with a scissors.  The little yarn ends felted nicely against each other, so I didn't feel the need to cover them with hem tape or ribbon.

I'm on a roll, so I quilted this top for Michael's new granddaughter Solis, who was born in November.  I had the top already made, and I like this toile fabric with a big brother and little sister, and the baby's mom said she was re-using the brown and blue bedding from baby #1, so this seemed a good choice.  It felt good to quilt again, so I basted another project and began quilting that one too.  


Quiltnbee said...

OH.MY.GOSH!! I am blown away. I can honestly say that I cannot EVER see knitting something like this in my future...not ever. Just amazing... Your mother must absolutely love it. I love the toile in the baby quilt, and the color combo is wonderful.

Magpie Sue said...

Looks to me you have every right to show off! How scary was it to cut into your knitting with scissors? Yikes!

The quilt sounds ideal for the new baby. I just love it when things work out like that :- )

Kay said...

I agree that you should brag! That's a beautiful job. The quilt is lovely too--similar colors, aren't they?

beth said...

You should show off...I'm so glad you showed us the inside of the beautiful vest. WOW! I also wanted to say I liked the way you used some half square triangles and some squares in the border on that little quilt! Very nice.

Judy S. said...

Your vest is absolutely amazing, Barbara. I don't think I'd ever have the courage to do a steek! And the quilt is the colors, pattern, quilting...everything about it. What a wonderful gift!

Teresa said...

Hi - just visiting from a google search for kool-aid dye and i love your site! your twice-dyed sweater is perfectly lovely, and you've even knit a pair of fingerless gloves in the exact shade of Hacho i have in my stash, and the exact style I was search for - for a friend of mine. Your other work is beautiful too! thanks so much for sharing your craft 8-)

Debra said...

My mother loves to flash open her faire isle sweaters to show the insides. Apparently you both do the same marvelous technique! So lovely!!

Great little baby quilt too!

Plays with Needles said...

Your stranding is absolutely beautiful! And us knitters are delighted to see the back of your should be proud.

I was interested to see that the colors of the quilt matched the vest...did you notice?

Allison Ann Aller said...

I saw that too, that the quilt and the vest are in the same palette!

The Fair Isle knitting is indeed impressive. I don't know about sweater construction but I do know that that kind of knitting required a calm mind and an even temperament. Or perhaps it encouraged the same! In either event, it is quite wonderful and you should be proud.

quiltmom said...

What a terrific vest and what beautiful knitting Barbara- It is funny how moms think they should save the things that are specially made for them.
Your baby quilt is very pretty for a little one with a lovely name. I am sure it will be treasured.
Wishing you and yours a wonderful festive season.
All the best in 2011.
Warmest regards,

Libby said...

Oh, love this baby quilt! The border is awesome.