Sunday, January 31, 2010

The First 25

I finished my first 25 pillowcases for Operation Pillowcase, which is sending dark pillowcases to service members. Boy I love that mindless sewing, and as unintended consequence I'm doing an archaeological dig on my stash, removing the top layers, and finding all those projects that I still want to make, that I still have supplies for, but that have fallen into the deeper sedimentary layers of the stash (OK, no more geology references).

I've always known that I get distracted by clutter, but somehow I didn't use that realization in my sewing room. Now that I've peeled away some layers, I feel more organized and less distracted. I'm sure I will get even more pillowcases done for OP, and in the process I plan do work on some long-hibernating projects.

Of course, the main benefit of OP is to do good: to bring a little comfort to soldiers in Afghanistan. Debra just posted a list of things that soldiers can't get, but need or can use, and the simplicity of the items just breaks my heart. There's still time, if you want to help out.

I also finished knitting this sweater. Isn't it cute? It's a free vintage pattern you can find on the web here. I love this design, and I updated it with this deep purple color. The yarn is Vanna's Choice, an inexpensive acrylic, which is soft and lovely, and not the least bit stiff like older generations of acrylic yarn.

One of my students made this pin for me, which matches the sweater perfectly. When I wear it, I feel like quite the fashion plate.


Judy S. said...

25 pillowcases, wow! You have been very busy and a sweater, too. I love the sweater and the way the collar includes the cabling. Great color and the body uses one of my favorite stitch patterns. Nice work! How'd you do your button holes? They look very nice.

Kay said...

Wow! Incredibly impressive, and generous too.

quiltmom said...

What a thoughtful caring gesture - making all those pillowcases. I am sure they are going to be really appreciated.
How fun to dig around in the stash- isn't it amazing what things you find when you begin playing in the stash.
Your sweater is such a glorious color- I love purple - I am sure you look very elegant in it.
Have a great week.

Debra said...

I am giving that stack the ole eagle eye and I do believe I see that Hoffman Challenge paisley--good use for that! and please tell me that is the last of the blue floral hawaiian fabric-it never would end, would it?

Thanks for your generous stitching!

OK, I have dibbs on your sweater if you ever get sick of it!

Magpie Sue said...

So how soon would you need any additional pillowcases?