Saturday, September 26, 2009

Harvesting Quilt Fabric from Pillow Cases: Part 2

Let's pick up where we left off last time. Remember that I had a second pillowcase set aside. From that second pillowcase I cut 4.5" square alternate blocks, and I set both these, and some of the 4-patch blocks, in 4.5 x 2.5 rectangles with 2.5" cornerstones. I wanted to put some "air," or breathing space in all those scraps.

When I made the 4-patches I was trying to coordinate the scraps with the colors in the first pillowcase's fabric, but I pulled a lot of contrasting colors for the outer parts of the blocks to spice it up a bit.

Once I had the blocks made, I cut 2.5" sashing strips and 4.5 inch wide outer borders from the remaining pillow case fabric, and from odds and ends of neutrals that will blend in. A lot of the sashing was cut from some thrifted shirting fabric that someone had cut out with a pattern to make a shirt, but never sewed together. You can see it in the first photo: it has tiny running dogs on it. The neutral border strips make the scrappy blocks appear to float.

I had a lot of 4-patch blocks left over, and these will go in the outer border.

While I was doing all this, it was Bunny's turn to guard the cutting table. She doesn't leave me much space to work. I may have to make my next quilt a miniature. She thinks I should just stop complaining, tidy up the table and put away my piles.

Now all I have to do is sew everything together. I hope to grab a few hours to do this over the next week. Have a wonderful weekend.


Judy S. said...

Nice work, Barbara! Cats sure are funny; I am always picking cat hair off my projects... BTW, I saw some Madonna fabric in NM and immediately thought of you: a large panel and coordinates!

Finn said...

Great quilt Barb! I wish we could make your blog required reading for the new and younger quilters. They could learn so much from you. Hugs, Finn

Debra said...

I always enjoy your thrifted fabric quilts. If you shop thrift stores with an open mind, there are many treasures hiding in easy to find spots. It can be a bit addictive-as we all know!

Libby said...

Love the pillowcases...they are such a great source of fabric!

Allison Ann Aller said...

Your quilt looks new and old at the same time...that is quite a feat!
I love it, and all the decisions you made, especially letting the scrappy blocks "breathe".

Deb H said...

The oldfashioned feel of this reminds me of my own baby quilt when it was still new. I love the scrappy nature of it, it's so warm & homey!
I love how Bunny wants to help too. My Broc is always guarding my chair in my studio when I'm working on my longarm. Aren't fuzzy little friends lovely?