Sunday, September 20, 2009

Harvesting Quilt Fabric from Pillow Cases: Part 1

Lately I check the thrift store for pillow cases. The 100% cotton ones, when they're in good condition, make excellent quilting fabric. These were on super-special: I got them for 13 cents each.

I'll buy poly-cotton pillowcases too if I like the print. I have no fear about polyester, and I figure since it's already in the world, I may as well use it and save it from the landfill. Occasionally I find cool vintage prints, but these I bought because I wanted some neutrals to use in a scrap quilt.

I pulled some 2.5" strips from the scrap drawer. I got a lot of these from Debra in a swap.

Once it's washed and ironed, I cut the pillowcase up the long side, taking out the seam. Then I cut it into 2.5" strips. From there, you know the drill. I sewed each neutral strip to a scrappy strip.

The cats love the cutting table because of the sunny window. They're not much help.

The seamed strips were cut into 2.5" units

and these 2-patches are assembled into 4-patches.

I don't worry about creases from the pillowcase fabric. I like to leave little traces of the fact that I'm using recycled materials. When I use shirts, I like to leave in a few pocket or cuff seams.

Each strip of pillow case fabric yielded 6 or 7 4-patch units.

One pillow case yielded over 80 scrappy 4-patches. In part two, I'll dip back into the scrap drawer and use the other pillow case. In the meantime, Wee will guard the blocks.


Kay said...

This looks terrific, and it's a very good idea, particularly as a source of light scraps; I don't have that many of those.

Debra said...

I buy pillowcases too. I once did a little mental math and realized that there was quite a bit more fabric in a pillowcase than the popular fat quarter and the price was much more attractive.

Great looking scrap quilt! I am using some of the same scraps as you are currently using. Does this stuff never go away?????

quiltmom said...

Lovely quilt that you are creating- it looks like a streak of lightning pattern.
And 13 cents a pillowcase- they actually sell them for 13 cents each? or two for a quarter or 8 for a dollar? What an interesting price.

I love how you turn something old into something new again.

Happy quilting,

Allison Ann Aller said...

These fabrics have such a mellow cast to them....great idea here.

Finn said...

Absolutely great project Barb! All that you say makes so much sense to me. Maybe slowly, gradually, we will educate the younger ones to think outside the box. The scrap quilt is delightful! Hugs, Finn

Anonymous said...

Careful, don't cut Wee's tail with that rotary cutter!

Judy S. said...

What a great idea, Barbara! Love that kitty guard you have there.

Gloria said...

Hello Barbara:
I always love the way you make match all the are so creative and enjoy visiting your blog hugs from Argentina !!