Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Knit Parade

I've finished up a few knitting projects in recent weeks. These are all destined to be gifts. One of the many benefits of living on the coast is that I can knit (and wear sweaters) all year, because it never gets hot here. All these patterns are available free on the web, courtesy of generous blogger-designers, and I've included links.

Baktus is a shawlette that is knit from one point to the other. I had two skeins of beautiful sock yarn that I bought last year in Portland. You use half of whatever yarn you're using to kit from one point to the middle, and the other half to knit from the middle to the other point, so that there are no leftovers. I added the snazzy tassels.

Michael has two nieces who have had babies this year, so I knit Stella a Mossy Jacket from Vanna's Choice yarn.

It's a respectable acrylic yarn that comes in great colors. People with new babies don't have time to hand wash sweaters.

ElĂ­as will be getting a red Garter Yoke Baby Cardi made from washable wool and acrylic blend yarn.

Baby sweaters are a fun project. They finish up fast and use little bits of yarn. Plus who doesn't love a baby in a hand knit sweater?


Judy S. said...

Love those red buttons, Barbara! You are so right about washable yarn for baby stuff; I watched my GK eat spaghetti sans bib in one of his handknit sweaters....... Those are 2 very cute patterns. Oh, and the shawl is nice also.

Allison Ann Aller said...

Just darling!
And you make it look so easy. I have such trouble with the counting required in knitting....*sigh*

Debra said...


Magpie Sue said...

Those sweaters are adorable! And you're absolutley right about people with new babies not having time to hand wash baby things (or anything for that matter!).

Have you seen or heard about Iraqi Bundles of Love? (ibol.wordpress.com) If you still have extra yarn you might consider sending some along.