Thursday, August 27, 2009

Doll House Progress Report

The remodel of my ten dollar doll house is coming along. Over the summer I worked on remodeling and furnishing the interior, and the kitchen and patio are done. Come take the tour.

I found most of the pre-made furniture on eBay. My garage is full of a lot of the little boxes the pieces were shipped in. The metal patio set was the last thing to arrive. The gardening equipment was on the button rack at JoAnn fabric.

I wanted a 50s kitchen, so I painted the floor red to simulate linoleum. The wall paper is scrap book paper. The kitchen set is vintage doll house furniture.

The dishes are pieces I'd collected over the years. I think this doll house is something I've been wishing for for a long time.

This house has become in some ways a miniature version of my real house: I used the same paint colors--though in different places, and I brought in things like the bird cage that I have in my real house. Two cats have already moved in.

In other ways it's an totally imaginary space, a dream house, a fantasy playhouse.

It's been an interesting experience, one which has caused me to think carefully about what my ideal real house would be like, and about the things I like best about my real house and my real life.

As a reminder, here's a "before" picture of the interior.

Come again soon. I'm uploading my doll house photos to my Flickr album and you can see the exterior face lift photos that I posted earlier by clicking on the doll house tag in the side bar.


Vicki W said...

I love your little house!

Debra said...

I remember when I was househunting after my divorce with Laura. After looking at a bunch of houses, she said, "It doesn't matter which house you pick, you'll make it look like you anyway." and that struck me as peculiar at the time but now, it makes perfect sense.

You have done that with your dollhouse too. I guess I am learning daily that we each have our own personal way of doing things and we just continue to do it no matter what we touch.

I love your little dollhouse! Do you have a quilt on the bed?

Jeanne said...

Oh, it's just enchanting!
Jeanne :)

Allison Ann Aller said...

Who can fully understand the ways and demands of a child's heart?
I am so glad you are fulfilling the dreams of the child within yourself...
This is just so pure!... ;-)

Magpie Sue said...

Wow! Talk about extreme makeover! You done good :- )
I think I've even a little jealous!

Granny Fran said...

I'd be perfectly happy to move into that house with the cats. That is the kind of homey vintage that I just love.

Rian said...

I love this little house, especially your commentary and the pictures of all your special touches. It looks like so much fun.