Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Scrap Management

The question of the month over at Quilt Studio asks members to share their storage strategies. Be sure to check out how some quilters create order from the creative chaos of their studios.

Being of the thrifty/recycling-oriented variety of quilter, a lot of what I use to manage my supplies are repurposed items from thrift stores. I got this vintage wicker picnic basket last week for $2-- it was half off day for teachers and students.

I'm planning to put my tiny scraps in it, though right now it's on top of the wardrobe in my room, because wicker is to cats what bubble wrap is to some people: it makes their paws itch for destruction. Louie especially finds all wicker items to be scratching posts in disguise, and I've got a shredded wicker trunk in my sewing room closet to prove it.

I have been diving into the scrap bins and making some scrapy blocks with no specific project in mind. I find that one organizational strategy is to make blocks when the scrap drawers won't close easily any more. I've got my scraps divided into two drawers: one with strips and one with chunks. From the small strips I'm making up some spiderweb blocks. I've made a spiderweb quilt in the past, and I got the itch to make another one.

These 4.5 inch scrappy log cabins are being stitched together haphazardly from the smallest scraps. I'm trying to use bright colors and some black, but otherwise, it's a free for all.

I like wooden boxes, and I'm using this one to hold my paper piecing foundations

See- through plastic salad containers are great for holding supplies for individual projects.

They have lids and can be stacked.

And I love tins, especially for button storage, and I have them in all sizes and colors. I bought some terrible cookies one year just for these tins. There is something inherently cheerful about them, and each one seems to promise something wonderful's inside.


Magpie Sue said...

Boy, great minds sure think alike! I've been playing in my scraps and trying to figure out better systems for scrap storage lately too. I may have to dedicate some time to the Quilt Studio blogs to see if I can pick up any tips :- )

Rian said...

The tins are way cool, but the thing I really covet is that wooden box that says "paper dolls" on it. A classic!

Allison Ann Aller said...

This is so interesting!
You sort by form, not by color....
Your quilts are always so gloriously multi-colored, too...I always wondered how you did that. The look is so consistently cheerful...

"Paws itching for destruction"...I want to know just why that sounds like so much fun!

dee said...

Lovely shall in the last entry. My cats ruined baskets as well. Must be in the DNA. I have many large tins and plastic bins but I covet that "paper dolls" box. Realy cool.
Where did you find the spider web paper piece patterns?

Debra said...

You and I are definitely birds of a feather when it comes to storage.

Cheerful looking quilt sections--Allie is right, you have a definite style!

Judy S. said...

Cats sure do have that scratching instinct, don't they? Our rescued cat has no claws, thanks to her previous owner, and she just used Ginger's scratching post this morning..... Loved your shawl and getting caught up on a month's absence. It's good to be back home.

Deb Geyer said...

Looks like a wonderful studio to work in. In fact, I'd like to just be there and sit and look at all your neat collections! :-)