Sunday, September 07, 2008


I recently saw some nice sweater patterns that require bulky weight yarn, and I didn't have any bulky yarn in quantities for a sweater. There are a number of tutorials on line for buying thrift store sweaters and unraveling them for the yarn, so I thought I'd try my hand at this form of repurposing craft materials. I found this acrylic and wool blend sweater in a color I really like and it actually unraveled easily. If you decide to try this, consult the many good tutorials available and start with a thicker vs. thinner yarn until you get the hang of it.
Yesterday was my favorite church rummage sale. I found 1/2 yard cuts of these home dec fabrics--there's probably 3 yards of the blue and rust one. There was quite a frenzy at the craft table perhaps because they didn't have as much fabric and yarn as they usually do. Twice I was told by other ladies that they already had dibs on something I'd picked up, but I feel like I got some great deals nonetheless.

You may recognize the bottom fabric here as a sheet. I love these bright florals. The color of the middle piece of home dec fabric is really pretty, and there are probably 4 yards or so. There must be 10 yards of the green, which is so ugly it's kinda cute. I got each of these for $1. that green fabric will be great for backings of some brown quilts that need quilting.


Debra said...

I found 2 sweaters recently (wool) at the thrift store that I bought to repurpose for Afghans but I didn't know how to unravel them right. I'll go surfing to find out. Wool sweaters around here are very hard to find.

That green fabric looks vintage! I agree-back of a quilt!

MySweetThree said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. I tend to gravitate towards reading about knitting..and it is something that I would like to teach myself to do, although it seems too hard to teach myself. I should find a good in step by step (within a step by step) they will have to really break it down for me!

Anonymous said...

Melody of Fibermania fame used to buy wool sweaters (thrift shop) and unravel them. She would bleach and dye the yarn and then knit something fabulous and wildly colorful.

I like that green fabric.

david santos said...


Finn said...

Hi Barb, boy I can see I'm very long overdue for a visit to your blog! You've been a busy lady of late! The sweaters and adventures in knitting look wonderful. You do a beautiful job of it!
Great buys on the fabrics at the thrift sale, lots for little.
And I can only repeat, I do LOVE you little red baskets. The border fabric is perfect for them! Keep up the great work. Hugs, Finn

Magpie Sue said...

I miss bright, happy floral sheets! All I see in the stores these days are quiet solids (unless they have licensed characters on them). I'm not willing to go so far as a friend of mine and make my own bed sheets though!