Friday, August 08, 2008

Lady Bird Johnson Grove

Last weekend we took a stroll through Lady Bird Johnson Grove, a looping trail through a sliver of old growth redwood forest.

Enjoy some of the sights: the magestic
and the minature.
(I got to use that micro lens on my camera.)
A variety of ferns and other plants grow on fallen trees. What a feast for the eyes. What a lovely slice of heaven.


Debra said...

Don't you feel really humble under the height of those magnificent trees?

I love taking pictures while walking but after I strap on the water bottle, the fanny pack and the camera, I feel like a packmule.

Judy S. said...

Those huge trees are tough to photograph, aren't they? You really almost have to be there to appreciate how big they really are. Do you know whether those big three-leaf clover things in your last photo are sorrel or not? Great photos of a fabulous part of CA!

rianammerman said...

You got some great shots of the forest. I could almost smell the pines. I have not yet been there and it is a place I yearn to see.