Monday, August 11, 2008

Halloween Quilt (50 x 50)

I finished piecing my old and new Halloween quilt, using both a charm square pack I picked up at IQF and some old Halloween yardage I'd used years ago as tablecloths. The inner and outer border fabrics are the old stuff.
In the third block on the top row, you can get a better view of the blue fabric. Below that is a bit of fabric from a piece Debra just sent me. The brown on the end of the third row is a vintage 70s print.
I've got a big piece of this skeleton fabric, but I just sprinkled a few pieces of it here and there.

I even pieced the back of this quilt, so I expect to be ready to use it this year.
Louie advised me during the piecing. He's taking all the credit for the results.


Judy S. said...

Looks to me like Louie gives good advice!

Vicki W said...

That turned out great!

quiltmom said...

HI Barbara,
The quilt is very cute and Louis does look like he is the foreman surveying the work. I have an Orange cat and she loves to help me quilt- she plays in the flimsies and stirs up the blocks when they are laid on the floor-Oh what fun she has>..


Debra said...

that was Quick! maybe you can just tie it with some big orange and black buttons (which you probably have in your stash!)