Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Embellishment Sponge

St. Therese is starting to feel like an embellishment sponge. No matter how much I add, I feel like she needs more. I've added two kinds of vintage handmade lace, ribbon embroidery, buttons, and now beads. I'm going to add seam embellishment to the spaces on the sides between the inner row of lace and the border.
I had put buttons around the central image, but the transfer is not wanting to lie flat, so I took them off and I'm going to try flattening it and anchoring it down with strategically placed beads.
I think the image also looks less cluttered .
In the hankie part I've made silk ribbon flowers over the flowers printed on the hankie.
These same silk ribbon flowers are also now "growing" in the tea towel portion of the piece.

Since I've joined the hankie and the tea towel together and since I've done the ribbon embroidery there's no more ironing allowed on this piece. So I'm embellishing very carefully so as not to wrinkle anything. But she's still asking for more: more flowers, more beads, more embroidery.


Vicki W said...

It's beautiful! I love the button clusters in the corners.

Allison Ann Aller said...

This is just transporting!

Judy S. said...

She's wonderful, Barbara. I also like the button clusters; it was a good move! Thanks for the explanation on transfer sheets...I have used the peelable printer sheets before. They're expensive little critters, aren't they? Were you using crewel thread on the tea towel? I am anxious to see where she'll lead you next!

Debra said...

I feel your pain! I have the same trouble when I get involved with my Madonna pieces. I can't stop myself. What you have done so far is lovely and I like the button outline. Is there any way you can add it as a stabilizing item? Will this towel be backed like a quilt or left as one layer?

Rian said...

Very beautiful. Isn't it wonderful how these pieces take on a life of their own and speak to you. She will let you know when she's done.

Finn said...

It does seem to have taken on a life of its own Barb, and what a great result.
I do like it better without the button outline. Love the clusters tho. Keep stitchin'.Hugs, Finn

Any said...

Its very beautiful Im fron Argentina Bs As I love St Theresa¡¡¡¡

Lin Moon said...

I am so impressed with the beauty of this piece! I love the botanicals, and the way you've embellished with a light touch close to her, so as not to overwhelm her.

Virginia said...

this project is really becoming beautiful! keep going!!

Regards from Madrid.